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COVID-19 Protection Protocol

In order to minimise the risk of infection, we have standardised meticulous hygiene and protection protocols in our facility, in compliance with the recommendations of the Health Authorities.

Please read carefully and observe the following instructions and safety recommendations.

Appointment management

  • In order to maintain interpersonal distance at our facilities, we have reduced the number of patients who come to our centre each day. This results in less available appointments and consequently longer waiting times for appointments.
  • In case of an emergency, we will do our best to facilitate an appointment at our centre as soon as possible. If this should not be feasible, we will offer to arrange an appointment with a fellow ophthalmologist in our area.
  • We will confirm appointments by telephone 24-48 hours in advance.
  • Cancellations: If you are unable to keep your appointment, please inform us of the cancellation as soon as possible, at least 48 hours in advance. Appointments that are not cancelled in advance will be charged at the normal rate.

Documents to be provided on the day of your appointment

  • Identity card (DNI; NIE or Passport).
  • Your health insurance card.
  • Your most recent glasses (or those you wear most or see best).
  • If you are a contact lens wearer, please do not wear your contact lenses for 48 hours prior to your visit, in order to exclude possible errors in eye measurements.
  • In case this is your first visit or your last visit was longer than one year ago, we also ask you for:
    • List of relevant eye diseases, past operations, current eye medication and any relevant treatment reports.
    • List of relevant general diseases, past operations, current general medication and any relevant treatment reports.
    • List of allergies (if known).

General protection protocol COVID-19

In order to minimise any possible risk of infection, on arrival at our clinic you should observe the following hygiene protocol according to the guidelines of the Health Authorities:

  • You must declare that you are healthy and that there have been no positive cases of COVID-19 in your family or close circle of people in the last 2 weeks.
  • You must wear a face mask (cloth, surgical or FN-95 type). Rigid or valved masks are not suitable.
  • You must access our centre alone; any accompanying persons must wait for you outside our facilities, with the exception of minors and dependent or disabled persons of any kind who require personal assistance.
  • Upon arrival we will measure your body temperature. Beyond 37.3 ºC is considered a fever and we will not be able to allow access to our facilities; you will have to see your family doctor to clarify the origin of the fever.
  • You must clean the soles of your shoes on our disinfectant mats and disinfect your hands with alcoholic gel.
  • We will give you further instructions on procedures and protocols, to work as sterile as possible.

At our facilities we have implemented the following special measures

Air conditioning and air filters:

  • Carbon filters in the air intakes from the outside.
  • Air renewal every 15 minutes.
  • Installation of purifiers with HEPA filter in waiting and treatment rooms.

Waiting rooms:

  • Maintenance of 2m safety distance between patients.
  • Compartmentalisation in different rooms.
  • Periodic disinfection of chair armrests and doorknobs.
  • Disinfection of surfaces with bleach.


  • Frequent disinfection with bleach.

Examination and treatment areas:

  • Compartmentalisation of activities, in order to prevent people from crossing each other in the corridors.
  • Hand disinfection before and after each examination.
  • Disinfection of instruments and surfaces before and after each examination.

Reception and office areas: 

  • Periodic disinfection of computer keyboards.
  • Periodic disinfection of telephone keyboards and earphones.
  • Protective screens.
  • We facilitate payment with credit or insurance card.

Thank you very much for your cooperation